UPDATE - EcoThermal has received unprecedented demand due to rising energy bills and is currently only available on their website here.

I Figured Out How To Warm up Any Room In My House In Under 5 Minutes, While SAVING Money At The Same Time.

EcoThermal is disrupting the heating industry with its energy efficient, recession-proof heating solution. 

Brian Summers - October 1st, 2022

Have you heard of a recession-proof way to rapidly warm up any room in your home without spending more on ridiculously high energy bills?

Climate experts and mainstream news outlets predict that it will be very cold this coming winter. If you're not prepared, make sure to prepare now so that you don't have to compromise on the comfort of yourself and your family during chilly season!

You are probably also aware of the impending energy crisis, which is set to hike utility bills for at least the next 3 years.

Homeowners could expect to see their winter bills reaching £3,000 if they don't take measures to save more on their current energy consumption.

As a solution to this, European based tech firm, EcoThermal has disrupted the heating appliance industry by bringing a new, energy-saving, oscillating heater to market at a reduced price.

They believe that what they may lose in profit, they'll gain in sales volume and consumer goodwill during these uncertain times.

Continue reading below to learn about how the EcoThermal is shaking up the industry and giving consumers a solution to rising energy costs.

Keep Cosy This Winter With EcoThermal

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What Makes EcoThermal So Good?

In 2022, EcoThermal launched as a flagship product in the company's home heating appliance range.

They came up with an efficient, oscillating ceramic heater that fast became a bestseller.

It's built with extremely dense, highly conductive and quality materials to maximise its heating efficiency.

This means it maintains a modest size, but outputs more heat than regular home heating appliances. 

To date, almost a quarter of a million units have been sold all over Europe as consumers rush to find solutions to the looming spike in energy costs.

Efficiency is the name of the game here. Using high quality and highly conductive materials, the result is a heating appliance that is great for warmth, and for your wallet. 

EcoThermal heats every area in your room in under 2 minutes, which is much faster than other comparable devices. This heater is also very affordable, portable, and easy-to-use.

How Does It Work?

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EcoThermal Official Site

EcoThermal is incredibly easy to set up, anyone can use it:

1. First, take the unit to the room you want to warm up.

2. Plug the heater into the most convenient outlet available.

  1. 3. Turn on the power button.

4. That's it! Now you just wait for it to gently warm up your entire room. After just 60 seconds, you can feel it getting noticeably warmer (very impressive!).

You can take the device with you anywhere quite conveniently too thanks to the non-conductive handle built onto the appliance.

This also protects your hands from the heat, so you can take it anywhere with you to fight back the cold.

What Else Can The EcoThermal Do?

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EcoThermal Official Site

Plenty! It seems as though safety is at the heart of the device. Something which the engineers behind it consider an absolute must.

It's packed with more safety features than your typical household heating appliances, such as:

Overheat protection - The device will auto shut off once it reaches an extremely high internal temperature.

 Fall Protection - If the device is very cleverly designed with foot stands to prevent it from falling over.

It also has different modes of operation, so that you can get the perfect warm up you want. These features are:

 Long-Life Ceramic Heating Element

 Low-Power Consumption Technology
 PTC Technology For Constant Heating

 500W Heat With Wide Angle Coverage

We found these modes to be great, as they add to the overall practicality of the device, and will suit a variety of different needs, and rooms.

Some Questions We've Heard

Q: Does EcoThermal Require Installation?
No installation whatsoever. It works out of the box and you simply need to turn it on to have it warming up any room in under 2 minutes.

Q: What About Ongoing Maintenance?
No maintenance is needed. The unit is designed to be as robust and user friendly as possible. It has a long life span and doesn't need any maintenance.

Q: Are Batteries Needed To Use This Heater?
No messing around with batteries either. This plugs straight into your wall plug socket and draws very little energy.

Q: Is This Safe To Use At Night Time When Sleeping?
Absolutely! It's extremely quiet, and on top of that, it has an auto shut off feature to prevent the device from reaching excessively high temperatures.

How Much Is It?

Typical home heating appliances of this quality are usually priced between £250 to £750 pounds, so it's reasonable to expect that the EcoThermal

would be in this price bracket...

The fact that the initial launch price was under £200 is quite a bargain then. BUT WAIT! Want to know what's an even better bargain than that?

Their over 50% OFF offer that they started running in October on their official website, where you can get yours for £60!

You can click here to check the EcoThermal site to see if the special offer is still active, assuming they have any stock available.

It's quite an attractive price considering the alternatives, and just how good this appliance actually is.

How Can It Be So Affordable?

The truth of the matter is; we, as regular consumers are used to manufacturers hiking up the prices of everyday goods.

This is so that the big brands can spend CRAZY amounts of money on retail, premises,  bonuses and of course, advertising.

The cost of all this stuff is absorbed into the price we pay once it hits the shelves..

But EcoThermal is based on a different business model. The vast majority of their sales come from their website, and they have mostly relied on word of mouth to generate a buzz.

They also don't spend money on TV ads, which have the costs passed back to the customer!

With this lean business approach, that's how they're able to offer this at such an affordable price.

Why Is There A Special Offer Now?

Given the time of year and economic conditions, it's not surprising at all that they are running a special offer.

Rather than overpricing the EcoThermal, they have decided it's more beneficial to them AND the public to offer more value at a lower price so that they can garner more positive reviews, goodwill, and attention.

Luckily for you and our readers, we have been keeping tabs on their website for their special offers and discounts. At the time of writing, the 50% OFF offer is still currently active.

Beware though, this deal could be pulled at any minute, or stock availability could diminish. Especially the closer towards winter we get!

Act fast and get yours to avoid missing out on this house warming money saver.

You can click here to check the EcoThermal site to see if the special offer is still active, assuming they have any stock available.

Final Thoughts: Worth It?

Highly Recommended

Absolutely. This device works as expected and to be honest, even better than. Winter is looming, as are rising energy bills, and we can't say how long the discount will be active for.

The time to secure yours is now. It's no surprise that thousands of people up and down the country have ordered EcoThermal already.

It's not everyday you come across a £60 product that performs like something 5x it's price. So it would be best to not let this opportunity slip away.

We've tested many gadgets this year, this is without a doubt one of our favourites. It's effective and well priced, exactly what consumers need during these times.

How You Can Get A Real EcoThermal?

You want to make sure you get the real thing and have a hassle free purchase. Lots of low-quality copycats will be hitting the market soon.

Get yours from the EcoThermal Official Website

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