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Save Money on Energy Bills

Reduce Heating Bills
 Wide Angle For Better Coverage
Quickly Heat Up Any Room

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We make our products to the highest standard. Ensuring longevity and functionality.

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Don't Overpay For Heating! Use An Energy Efficient Eco Heater

EcoThermal®'s patent-pending technology provides any room in your home with a smooth, stable source of heat current that quickly warms up any room using eco friendly technology. This means a reduction in used gas or electricity, lower energy consumption, and ultimately a lower energy bill.


Smart Heating For The Whole Home

Benefits of EcoThermal

Quickly and Easily Warm Up Any Room In Your Home

Safely Run For Extended Periods Of Time

Sleek, Attractive Design For Your Home

No waiting - Heats Up Any Room Fast

Wide Angle That Increases Heating Zone

Low Noise Operation. So Quiet You Won't Even Notice It's On

How It Works

Energy Saving

With energy costs rising, central heating systems are set to be more expensive than ever. Reduce your reliance on them with EcoThermal's efficient room heating. You can heat any room and save a lot!

Exactly How You Want It

With flexible controls for heat output and rotation, you can go from zero to cosy in seconds and run it for as long as you like.

Safe Design

Designed with safety features such as anti overheat and tip over protection, making it safe for any environment.

What Are Customers Saying?

Great Device


I am very pleased with this heater. This little piece of kit gets warm fast. It feels effective and seems well made. It kicks out a good amount of warmth and is pretty quiet too. Checks all the boxes to be honest, lightweight and easy to move, compared with the larger metal oil heater we used before it.

Verified Buyer

Perfect solution for the cold weather


It's just my wife and I at home. We've been seeing our bills go up and really wanted a good solution for winter. Most of the time we are only in our bedroom or in the living room. This heater is therefore the perfect solution because we can put it anywhere and no longer have to wait for the whole apartment to warm up. Good stuff.

Verified Buyer

Fantastic, I'm very impressed


Amazing heater. Ticks all the boxes and does what it says it will. Would recommend, especially with the winter coming.

Verified Buyer

Pretty much a must have


I would highly recommend this product if you want to heat up rooms quickly and easily. As soon as you turn it on, it immediately starts warming up rapidly. Personally, I'm a real fan of it, because the thing works really well in the otherwise totally cold rooms. I also like the safety features, which is very important with children and pets who can easily burn themselves.

Verified Buyer

Does the job better than expected


I bought this device pretty much just for myself. The reason for this was all the talks about rising energy bills. The last thing I want is to choose between freezing and paying out the nose for a heating bill. Not only is it high quality, it simply just works. The value for money is great.

Verified Buyer

Great little heater


Fantastic for the price. Will likely be buying another to send to our daughter in university. It will definitely help keep the utility bills down too.

Verified Buyer

1370+ Reviews


Stay Warm and 

Save Money on Energy Bills Now!

Reduce Heating Bills
Wide Angle For Better Coverage
Quickly Heat Up Any Room

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The EcoThermal portable heater is new solution to save you money and combat the rising energy costs without compromising warmth and comfort. Place an order now, get this energy efficient heating device before stocks run out!